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Services Offered:

        >> Repairs


All work is performed to the highest standards. In addition to the necessary repair, other parts and solder connections are checked. Any possible faulty connections are re-soldered to prevent potential future problems.

Older Equipment often has problems with noisy controls. When cleaning is needed only the best cleaner, Caig Deoxit it is used. Once repairs are completed, performance and listening tests are done to insure your equipment delivering the sound quality the manufacturer intended and everything is working as it should.



       >> Warranty Repairs


            If your equipment is under the factory warranty, all repair work is performed the same as above,

            with the exception of cleaning, which is rarely needed on equipment less than a few years old.

            Contact the product manufacturer for warranty details.


       >> Vintage Gear  


            Sometimes a simple repair is all that is needed, other times vintage and classic equipment needs more

            attention in order to bring back the fabulous sound it had in earlier days.

            Frequently the work needed to extract the best sound possible is not as complicated or expensive as you           

            might think. Correctly done repairs or restorations can increase the value of vintage equipment considerably.

            I have done hundreds of restorations for vintage collectors and have acquired much knowledge in this area.


      >> Restoration  


           In terms of vintage guitar amps and other vintage gear, restoration of sound quality is the main objective.

           What this usually entails is replacing all the parts that tend to fail or deteriorate over time.

           On equipment over about 25 years old, this almost invariably involves the replacement of the electrolytic

           capacitors in the power supply section. These are the first to fail. When the amp seems to have lost

           its punch and/or has a slight higher-pitched hum (120Hz) in the background, this indicates the capacitors

           that filter out the hum and store voltage that is delivered to amp circuitry have lost their ability to function

           properly, the first step is to replace them. This type of capacitor is also found in the pre-amp stages and

           in the bias circuit of tube amps and should be replaced as well.

           To preserve that cherished tone in vintage guitar amps, sometimes its is best not to replace all of the cap-

           acitors found in the pre-amp and tone control stages, only the ones that tend to fail or degrade sound quality.

           Replacements should be selected that match the tonal qualities of the originals, brands such as Mallory,

           Sprague, Xicon and others offer capacitors that suit this purpose. If you desire, a vintage amp can have

           its tone altered or enhanced by using certain brands and types of capacitors.

           Most other parts in vintage amps hold up remarkably well, even after more than 50 years of use.

           Transformers never need to be replaced, unless they short out. I believe that good working transformers

           should never be replaced with so called modern "premium" types. Part of the magical sound of a vintage amp

           can be in that crusty old output transformer, besides collectable vintage amps are worth more with original

           transformers. It should be noted that replacing parts such as capacitors which are known to degrade over

           time will often enhance the value of a vintage piece substantially.                             


      >> Modifications


           Often the best modifications are the simplest ones. Things like trying a different brand of tube, or using a higher

           quality speaker can make a significant improvement in tone and not be very costly, In vintage amps, certain

           types and brands of coupling capacitors can enhance or alter tone quality to suit your style. Feedback can be

           altered or made adjustable to provide a more dimensional and responsive sound. Some later model Fender amps

           can be "blackface modified" for better dynamics and tone. Marshalls made for the US market with 6550 tubes can

           be converted to EL34 tubes for an original British flavor. I will not do any mods that adversely affect the value or

           reliability of an amp, or that cannot be easily reversed.