Welcome to AccuTech Audio

Larry Smetana with vintage audio equipment Hi! My name is Larry Smetana. I am the owner of AccuTech Audio and I personally do all of the audio repairs and service work at my shop. The business was started in 1991 out of a passion for sound and music, along with a desire to serve musicians and sound professionals.

I have been involved in audio electronics for most of my life. In the 70s and 80s, I was a technician-engineer for a company called Loft that made custom recording consoles, and processing, and effects equipment for the pro audio business. Rush, Heart, ZZ Top, Aerosmith, and a few other highly respected bands used loft effects processors.

Audio Equipment and My Ears

Understanding sound and what effects sound quality has always been a subject of intense study for me.

I started many years ago by building speaker systems and amplifiers—both tube and solid-state—for hi-fi and pro audio use. During that time, I learned how the human ear responds to pitch, dynamics, and tone. With a solid understanding of how and what the human ear hears, I could discern the cause and effect relationships between the circuit design and the quality of the electronic components used to build a piece of audio equipment, and the final quality of the sound it produced.

I apply this knowledge and experience today in upgrading, restoring, and servicing amplifiers and other pro audio equipment.

Since I began my own business I have had the pleasure and honor of serving many talented musicians and professionals.

A selection of my clients past and present includes:

  • Foreigner
  • Burt Teague
  • Jim Chapdelaine
  • Erin Danner
  • B.B King
  • Jeff Pitchell
  • Dave Stoltz
  • Tim McDonald
  • Jay Jesse Johnson
  • The Fixx
  • Charter Oak Acoustics
  • Shaboo Productions
  • Central Connecticut State University
  • Collectors of vintage guitar and other vintage audio equipment
  • …and many others

As for the famous musicians on this list, my contact with these celebrities is limited. Usually, it’s their tour managers who deliver and pick up their guitar amps and other equipment. So, I may not get a chance to meet a legend like the late B.B. King, but I have the satisfaction of knowing that I play a small part in making every musician’s performance sound as good as it can be.