What Happens on the Bench

Repairs in progress on the bench at AccuTech Audio Whether it’s a guitar amplifier, keyboard, PA speaker system, or high-end hi-fi component, all repairs are performed to the highest standards. In addition to diagnosing and making the necessary repair, the other components and solder connections in your piece of equipment are checked.  Badly soldered connections at the factory and connections that crack from years of use are very often the cause of intermittent problems in guitar and power amps. Any possible faulty connections are carefully re-soldered using high quality solder to prevent potential future problems.

Quality Parts In, Quality Repairs Out

If a part has failed in a piece of equipment, e.g., a capacitor, tube, resistor, or switch, it only makes sense to replace it with a top quality part. A supply of the most common electronic components is kept in stock. Of course, with the wide variety of brands and audio products available, it’s necessary to order certain parts.

Older equipment often has problems with noisy controls. When cleaning is needed, only the best cleaner, Caig Deoxit, is used. Once repairs and any necessary cleaning are completed, performance and listening tests are done to ensure your equipment delivers the sound quality the manufacturer intended and everything is working as it should.

By using quality replacement parts and careful attention to detail during the repair, your audio equipment should work properly for many years. For your peace of mind, all repair work is guaranteed for 90 days. The goal for every repair is to get it done right the first time and that your total satisfaction is assured.

Of course, estimates at a very reasonable rate are available to determine whether it makes financial sense to invest in the repairs needed to get your equipment working and sounding as good as, and, in some cases, even better than it did when it was brand new.

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